Thursday, February 17, 2005


Evaluating the Upcoming Season (or Optimism Bubbles Up)

I can't say that I dislike the offseason. In fact, I would go so far as to say I indeed like it. Trade talk and rumors combine with quart after quart of coffee to propel me through the bitter Chicago winter and into the sweet, sweet summer. That being said, thank god that the offseason is over.

I have never heard such pessimism as that which permeated the Cub community this winter. I mean, I think we can all agree that last season never happened. Many beers were diluted with tears (hey that rhymes!) after a booted and bartman'd ball (I'm on fire!), followed by a deep slumber, and hey - it's 2005. That being said, I will not be wasting any time dwelling on that which never happened.

Cubs v.2005 is going to be a good team. Let's not forget the Cubs had a 94-68 Pythagorean record last year, and that included a big, festering, vomitous mass in the middle of the diamond for half the season before - like the phoenix rising from the spewdom - the savior arrived - oops, try that again - the savior arrived. I'm looking forward to a big season out of Fidgety McTwitch-a-lot.

Another reason for optimism: (WARNING: Anecdotal evidence to follow) The Cubs were poor (read: sucked) with runners on third and less than 2 outs. It was remarkable really. They were even worse with the bases loaded and less than two outs. (I have no stats to back this up, btw) This cannot possibly continue into next year. I mean, there would have to be some sort of - I don't know - curse or something for luck like this to continue into 2005. And, as a member of the Physics community, I'm not capable of believing in superstitious nonsense like curses (besides, I'll have my lucky cap on all season, and cap beats curse like rock crushing scissors).

I will now go back to anxiously awaiting the season to start.

I dunno, my Tony Dungy bobblehead doll didn't do a damnt thing against the Patriots.
Cool, your blog just went up and already I'm messing it up with my typos!
Let this serve as a warning to all those who comment: For eery typo I find, I will kill you.

And I'm still waiting on the refund for my Tom Brady voodoo doll.
Your optimism is opressive. The season is over. We're still stuck with Mr. .500, Where's my skirt, Kerry, the fairy, Wood. AND we have no closer. The Cubs will be around .500 and finish 3rd or 4th. Save this comment for October.

Dad in Law
But I think the real question is: how do you really feel? We also have:

Mark "the fire" Prior
Carlos "Baby Bull" Zambrano
Greg "Slow and Steady" Maddux
Glendon "can you feel the" Rusch

plus for closer:
LaTroy "Gets a pass on this site because he used to play for my hometown Fort Wayne Wizards and I like his name" Hawkins
It's nice to see some optimism for a change. Everything I've been hearing/reading about the Cubs has been doom and gloom, much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. Honestly, if you can't be optimistic at the start of spring training then you're officially some sort of reptile, aren't you? ("Gonna be a hot one. Hope I catch a fly. Probably won't. Stupid flies...")

I think we're gonna miss Alou (though not necessarily on the basepaths) and probably Clement. Other than that I think we traded up for the most part and hanging on to Nomar was huge. This team should be improved and they were pretty good last year already.

What do you think about Barret? I've heard a couple of people mention that Bako was significantly better at the calling-the-game part of catching than Barret, and that some of the pitchers preferred it when he caught (Prior's record, I'm thinking, was significantly better with Bako).
I'm a big Barrett fan and I think his defense will improve with another full year of catching under his belt. He spent a lot of time these past few years playing third. That being said, I think you just inspired another post.
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