Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Fermiball: Table of Contents

What is Fermiball?

Fermiball is an exercise in optimizing limited physical resources in an attempt to minimize the ultimately inevitable humilation that occurs when physicists attempt to play softball.

Below you will find the ongoing adventures of one such physicist (me, obviously) as he attempts to make the leap from darling of the intellectual world to giant of the athletic world.

Week One: d0nuts vs. Lightening Rods
Week Two: d0nuts vs. The (evil) Isotopes
Week Three: d0nuts vs. Final Force
Week Four: d0nuts vs. Lightening Rods (redux)
Week Five: d0nuts vs. Isotopes (again, redux)
Week Six: d0nuts vs. Final Force (part deux)
Week Seven: d0nuts vs. EuroTrash
Week Eight: d0nuts vs. Boomers
Week Nine: d0nuts vs. EuroTrash (playoffs, baby!)
Week Ten: d0nuts vs. Boomers
Week Eleven: d0nuts vs. Final Force

That's all folks


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