Thursday, February 24, 2005


Look to the left...

No, this is not Liberal propaganda (although liberal propaganda is my very favorite type of propaganda). It is my attempt at getting you to swivel your eyes to the left and peruse the links I have made available. Most of the usual stuff is there - espn, baseball primer, tribune and suntimes - but there are also a few other things of interest.

The long list of blogs is, as it says, the Cubs Blog Army (the only army to which I would consider lending myself). Also over there is a link to WorldlyGossip, a blog by a lovely lady that also lives at the corner of Grace and Wayne, and talks about things that are much more important than pithy cubs observations/musings (like running, politics, and some other good stuff).

Also over there (look left again) is a link to the Official Iliad Reading of "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne." The good people over at, in an apparent fit of insanity, decided to read through the Iliad and sort of summarize/comment on it. It is one of the funnier things I have read, and once you are done, you too can wax philosophical about Homer and his Muse. I'm sure you have found yourself in the same position that I often do. You are at a party and someone starts discussing the Curse of the House of Atreus and you just stare back blankly. I know; I've been there. So do yourself a favor and check it out. There is also some great poetry over there too, so take a look.

Anyway, if you like what you read here, you will probably like what you read over at those two sites.

Finally, you can always see what I am reading and have read (plus a horribly written review of the book I finish). Both of the books that I list over there (look to the left again) are exceptional. Very, very good books. Read them. Now.

Anyway, that's all.

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