Saturday, February 26, 2005


Rant on Religion

I have added a new link to the left hand column. The Dad-in-Law has started pouring his many thoughts (rants) on God and religion into the blogosphere.

We've all been exposed to the arguments for religion (unless you have been living in a bunker eating only processed cheese and canned tuna). They are present everywhere you turn - billboards, commercials...the government (*cough* dubya *cough*). But very few of the non-believers ever bother to articulate their concerns regarding religion, whether it be because of apathy, fear of reproach, or lack of an outlet for their thoughts. But the Dad-in-Law has never been one of these people, a person who is particularily shy about expressing his views on religion and God (or the lack thereof).

Whether you believe in God, have no need for God, or have never given it much thought - this blog is a great primer on Atheist thought. The arguments are well thought out and quite reasonable. Go, check it out, and start and argument or two (it is long, but you can always read some of it and then come back later). Everyone loves to debate religion...right?

Note: I'll be back with a sports related post tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for the positive review. I hope for more comments but not just from the choir!

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