Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Up and running

After years of lurking at various blogs (Cub Reporter, Primer, etc), I have finally decided to post a blog of my own. I figured, if someone doesn't do something, this whole blogging thing isn't going to catch on. So I'm here to do my part.

Pitchers and catchers have officially reported today, and so here too am I, reporting to duty for the Cubs Blog Army.

I have to catch up on the off season though, as I missed out on a few things:

1) I hear rumors that Sammy might be heading to the Mets for Cliff Floyd
2) Word is Sammy might be going to the Nationals for Termel Sledge
3) Turns out Sammy is sticking with the Cubs, we all love Sammy
4) World's fattest man weds worlds smallest woman
5) Sammy is finally traded!

Now that that is taken care of...Lets Play Ball!

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