Thursday, February 24, 2005


Why em see, eh?

I know that my loyal band of readers looks up at me as, well, a hero I suppose. I feel a sense of responsibility to not disappoint my readers, as I know that many of you live vicariously through my various adventures (I'm sort of the Indiana Jones of the blogosphere - except that I report Cub news. And I don't have a hat).

So it is my hope that you, the reader, aren't too disppointed when I tell you that I'm not a very big guy. I'm more tall and skinny (think the smart kid on NBC's "Joey") than strong and athletic (, Joey). Just to give you an idea, here's a recent picture of me. Now don't get me wrong, I'd like to be stronger...I'd like to look like this. And how does one get stronger...join a gym! The problem is, most gyms remind me of this. But, I've found a secret that not many people know about. Did you know, young man, that it's fun to stay at the YMCA? That's right, I've joined the Lakeview YMCA, and it is a very nice gym. I'm totally going to be a macho, macho man.

It is different though. They have all the usual equipment: free weights, machines, elliptical thingies...everything you need to get enormous. I've worked out there for three days this last week, and I'm already starting to see some results. I won't lie to you, I'm a beast now. But it is weird sometimes. I mean, the Indian Chief is nice, but he's a starer and the Construction Worker, while certianly friendly, always hogs all the good machines. The worst, though, is the Leather Biker Guy - a total Chatty Cathy - always talking and talking and talking. I mean, I'm hitting the bench press pretty hard. I'm stacking up the weights - a five-spot on each side (beefcake!) - and he just goes on and on about how great the Navy is and how I can sail the seven seas...put my mind at ease...all that crap.

But seriously, it is a pretty sweet place to work out. People aren't trying to pick each other up (I mean for dates, not literally. Well, neither, I guess. Although that would be impressive. Sorry, I'm babbling) and mostly people just go about their business. I have yet to see the usual annoying gym behavior. A great alternative to Bally's and all those gyms stand for.

Love the blog today. I laughed out loud! Keep it up!

So at least one person is watching "Joey" then. I wondered about that.
"Friends" loyalties die hard in the Grace and Wayne household
I was laughing and made my co-worker read it.

I watch Joey. I think its hillarious, and I'm a bit like Joey's nephew Michael... except I'm not skinny, not that smart, and don't get girls who try to pick me up... I think.
very funny Mr. Reiger...I think you have a new regular reader in Madtown....
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