Saturday, March 05, 2005



It's time, my friends, so start to get prematurely excited about some insignificant games that have no bearing on this or any season. With that said...3-0 baby!!

The Cub's pitching has been rock-solid thus far, bolstered by such luminaries as John Koronka, Eddie Oropesa, and R. Rohlicek (I don't know his first name). Angel Echevarria, Calvin Murray, and Ronnie Cedeno have anchored a powerful lineup that has totalled 16 runs the last two nights. All this adds up to 3-0 baby!!!!

Not that is matters, because we all have our own issues to deal with, but the White Sox are 0-3 so far. But, I'm sure the games all have been very competative and the Sox have tried very hard. Good for them.

This disparity in records will lend further fire to the biggest rivalry in Chicago since D-Zero vs. CDF.

On another note, Scott over at the excellent Northside Lounge comments on an e-mail he received detailing, much more effectively than I did in my post, Santo's indistputable qualifications for the Hall. He compares Santo to the average HOF third baseman, and of course, Santo kicks ass. Check it out and weep a little more for poor Ronnie.

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