Monday, March 14, 2005


Easing off the Gloom and Doom

This site was not intended to be a fountain of negativity, so I'm going to back off of the "Prior out for season, Apocalypse upon us" mantra (even if it's true) and try to get back to the positivity that kept the readers coming back day in and day out (that and my devilish charm). Prior has had a setback, no doubt, but it is not likely to be that bad. Does it seem like a redux of last year? Yes. But there is no real reason it should be, as there is a whole new training staff and a different injury. And it can't be mentioned enough: the MRI revealed no damage to either the Ulner nerve or elbow parts. That is good news, not bad news. It just sucks so soon after a Wood injury that we have a Prior injury. Today it was also noted that Dave Hansen, trying to make the team as a Non-Roster Invitee, had to have his apendix removed. Rough day for the Cubbies. I'm assuming they have the Zambrano is protective lockdown at this point.

In other news, the White Sox beat the Cubs 9-5 and Dempster and Rusch (from what I heard, I haven't seen the box score) were both rocked. I should have just stayed in bed today.

Good news, as Wood threw off flat ground today. No word on what he threw, but it was believed to be a baseball. He threw well, and he should be throwing off the mound on Wednesday. That is likely to be the springboard into a Cy Young season (it is proven that all Cy Young winners have thrown off the mound at some point in the season).

Jamie sent me here.

I just view the Woody/Prior problems as the Cub's usual ploy to break my heart before the season even starts. I'm not sure I don't prefer that to a last-minute explosion in game three. At least we know what we're in for.

Add the Ron Santo news and you have a Cubs Crapper Trifecta.
Welcome (I assume from the Perfect World? Prior injured in that world?) I think you are right, we owe it to the Cubs for getting this crap out of the way early (none of that late season collapse business like in '69)
I think in the perfect world this year is Next Year. I think in this world we're actually going to get past aught eight without a win.

Bastarding (insert much cussing here).

On the other hand, there's another season of the Pat and Ron show to enjoy. That almost makes up for the pathos.

What do you think about the Nomar aquisition? I like him, but I'm never sure if I like his playing, or I just like him as a guy.
(oh, and yep I'm from TPW)
It's okay to have both. Not many shortstops can hit like an outfielder, so that alone is a reason to love him unconditionally. Plus the fact that he seems like a genuinely nice guy with a passion for baseball (and not just the paycheck).

His defense was pretty bad last year, but I think that was just due to the achilles, so hopefully that issue is resolved.
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