Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Everything you ever wanted to know

...about what's going on inside my head.

(note: If you want to know that Borowski broke his hand, scroll to the next entry)

My thoughts on the Bullpen

Here is what I think will happen(not what I think should happen). With the breaking of Borowski's hand, we are going to see some shifting in what I thought would happen. I had this whole entry worked up, and now this. What I would have said is: Borowski to close, LaTroy to not and this gets LaTroy out of the perceived pressure situations where he has proven himself woefully inadequate and into actual pressure situations (things like bases loaded, tying run at the plate rather than starting the 9th with no one on base and a 3 run lead). Now what I will say is: LaTroy will close barring a trade, and god help us all <*LaTroy wets himself*>. The main setup man will be Remlinger, and he will serve to get lefties out despite the fact that he isn't any good at it. But let's not let facts get in the way here. Chad Fox will make the team along with Leicester, forming a potent right-side combo. Dempster will not win the 5th starter position, and will be long relief/setup man depending on how he finishes the spring. The last righty will surely be Wuertz, making the team because of Borowski's injury. The final bullpen spot will be given to Randolph for the same reason Macias has a position - Hendry went and got him, so they have to play him.

Here is what I think should happen: Same thing, except instead of Randolph I would go with either Ohman. It's not like Randolph can get anyone out, so the lefty-ness of his arm hardly matters.

My thoughts on the Lineup

What will happen (not what should happen): 2/3 of the outfield is set, with Corey Patterson getting the go in center, and Burnitz will jog out to right. That is just the way it is going to be, and given the horses Dusty has, that is fine. In left, Hollandsworth will get all of the starts against righties and will also start against lefties he has had "success" against (small sample size be damned!). Dubois will get the other three starts that year with the occasional start going to Hairston. But expect Holly to get the vast majority of AB's in left, a la Karros in '03.

The infield is set: Ramirez, Nomar, Walker, Lee with Barrett catching. No problems there.

What should happen: DuBois has proven himself at every level, in the Fall Leagues, and in Spring Training. What more is there to say? Throw him out there for 140 games and you have a rookie of the year. Hollandsworth should play against tough righties and be the super-lefty off the bench. Without Holly on the bench, we won't have a good lefty to face all of the right-handed closers in the league. Hairston would get the occasional start.

The Infield: A no-brainer. The Cubs can't screw this one up.

My Thoughts on the Bench

What will happen (again, not my idea): Macias, Niefi, Hairston, Blanco, DuBois/Holly off the bench.

What should happen: I should take a trip down to Arizona with my trusty friend Mr. Crowbar and open up a few spots on the bench. Mr. Macias and Mrs. Perez? Your spot on the DL is ready (Next!). Besides, I hear Phoenix is lovely this time of year.

My Thoughts on the Rotation

For another day. I don't want to compare what will happen with Wood and Prior versus what should happen. Too depressing. I'm afraid the words: "Out until June 1st" will slip out accidentally.

My Thoughts on Movies Coming out

Must Sees

Ice Princess - You may think I'm crazy, but hear me out. It's about a girl who has to choose between being a Champion Figure Skater and a scholarship to Harvard in, get this, Physics! It is like my life story...except that I can't skate, I could never get into Harvard, and my bosom is a couple cup sizes smaller. But still, it just speaks to me. (excuse me, I'm getting emotional)

The Ring Two - Twice the scaring power equals twice the fun! There should be lots more creepy shots of the little girl with the hair in front of her face and the creepy walk. Can't wait.

Miss Congeniality 2:Armed and Fabulous - This is a must see in the sense that I will probably end up seeing it. The first one wasn't too bad. Some pluses: William Shatner is in this one (big thumbs up on that), Sandra Bullock is quite cute, and Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters) also has a roll.

Would like to see

Robots - Looks funny, CGI looks good, and Robin Williams is a hoot (a hoot I say!). Plus, when Robots act like humans, wackiness is sure to follow. However, odds are I end up not seeing this until video.

Hitch - Will Smith at his best: teaching White people to look cool (when they clearly are not). I'm a big Will Smith fan, dating back to him Fresh Prince days. This roll is perfect for him, and he new song Switch (rhymes with...wait for it...Hitch!) is actually very good.

Can't Wait for

War of the Worlds - Lots of exploding stuff, Tom Cruise at his most dramatic, and the little girl that was so good in Man on Fire. They've waited a long time to make this movie...hopefully it won't suck. Then again, they waited a long time to make The Phantom Menace, and that bit hard. So, youneverknow.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - This has to be good. The trailers look fantastic, it has another guy from the British version of The Office, and...well, it just looks good. I have lots of confidence that they will not screw this up. On the other hand...

Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith - ...also looks very good, but I have no faith in Lucas not to ruin this. I will go see it like the loser I am, but he is going to find some way to destroy it will a maudlin script and hammy acting. Oh well (*tear*).

I have now completely emptied my head of all thoughts. Carry on.

Ok now no JOBo. Prior says he'll be ready for April...(06?) I don't expect to see this little darling until June. Should I not expect one of those nothing years where we are supposed to get excited about the Cubs flirting with .500. I've had enough of that. Why, it's almost enough to make me sail away!
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