Saturday, March 12, 2005


A few quick observations


(*removes capslock and settles down*)

I know it's just spring training, but someone might want to tell Nomar to put his damn sunglasses down. Nomar loses an easy pop in the sun and Garrett Anderson follows that up with a homer. Cubs down 2-0.

Watching Maddux pitch, it is clear that his stuff is just a lot different then back in the day with the Cubs/Atlanta. His fastball used to not only sink, but dive left and right. Now he still has a decent amount of sink, but the ball has much less movement. I guess that is the difference between being one of the two best pitchers in the last 50 years (and it is only a debate between Clemens and Maddux. Kauffax and Pedro did not/has not have/had the career longevity, same for Johnson (he started getting great too late). The only truly debatable point is Seaver. Okay, back to the main sentence) and a solid 3.50-4 era pitcher.

Derrick Lee - 4 pitch walk. Gotta like that.

After a fielder's choice, a double by Barrett brings the Cubs to within one run. He tomahawked a high, outside pitch off the right field wall a-la the Hawk.

Oh, and I love Nomar (sorry Mia). He hits everything hard, goes to all fields, and gives every big-nosed guy hope for a successful life.

Steve Finley murders the Cubs - I'm very glad he has gone away.

As far as the announcers go, I like them. Or more specifically, I like Len Kasper. He is controlled (I have yet to hear "BELTED"), intellegent sounding, and seems to get excited about good plays happening. Alex Ciepley over at Cub Town has a very nice interview with Kasper and he seems a decent enough fellow (I mean Kasper, although Alex also seems nice).

Okay, time to hit the road.


Looks like I left just in time as the game got ugly real fast with a final score of 8-3. Eddie Oropesa, you just wrote your own ticket to the independent leagues. But other than Fast Eddie, all the pitchers did nicely - 2 innings of scoreless ball for LaTroy Hawkins, and one scoreless inning apiece for Wellemeyer and Leicester.

DuBois hit another homer, making it harder and harder for Dusty to ignore him (not impossible, I'm sure, but harder) and Nomar went 3-3 with a double, single, and homer. Not bad for a shortstop, eh?

The Cubs will once again face The The Angels Angels of Anaheim for a 2:05 CT matchup. Also, Wood is scheduled to throw on Monday and surgery has been scheduled for the following day.

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