Monday, March 21, 2005


...I couldn't resist (updated @12:30, and @5:30)

The wifey brought this to my attention: Satan's image on Turtle Shell. As she rightly points out, does is come as any surprise that this happened in Indiana? They are second only to Mississippi in Satan Sightings per square mile. But this begs the question: How does this woman know what Satan looks like. Why isn't anyone asking her how she is so certain that this is the devil, has she seen the devil? She must have, and how could she know the devil? (answer: she's a witch). Typical red state missing the obvious evil link. All that being said, I do not believe this is the work of the devil (shocked?). That face on the shell seems almost too loveable to be an evil lord. I have my own theory as to who the culprit might be. Check this out an tell me I'm not on to something:

Lord of Evil?


Lovable Mascot?

you be the judge...

In other religious news:

Dozens of Worshippers sickened by Carbon Monoxide

An interfaith worship group was sickened by a Carbon Monoxide leak while praying and chanting and whatnot during their interfaith service. I think it is pretty obvious what is going on here. God is not having any of this interfaith service crap. There is one true faith and that's it, dammit. Interfaith, indeed. Sheesh. (oh, and the one true faith? Scientology)

Sweat and Urine to be converted into useful drinking water

Scientists have been developing a system to convert sweat and urine into drinking water for the space station, but it should also be able to be used for third-world countries that are unfamiliar with clean drinking water. This is great news for those that are worried about the finite-ness of water on earth and the fact that it is so rapidly being polluted...and also for those of us that like to drink our own pee.

Embattled Professor won't back down

I'm a little troubled here, because I'm not quite sure I understand all the facts. Apparently this professor, Ward Churchill (which, you will see, is an interestingly coincidental name) called the victims of 9/11 "little Eichmans." If I understand correctly, he is claiming that they are/were as bad as Eichman (one of the architects of the Holocaust) , and they suffered their fate because of years of American oppression of the likes of genocide. Now, I'm not saying America has always been perfect, but come on. This guy may not deserve to be fired for this, but he certainly warrants a smack upside the head. Just an absurd, absurd thing to say. What he should have said is "little Mussolini's"...people don't have such a sore spot about Mussolini. But he is going to fight till the end to retain his right to be a complete jackass. Good luck buddy, you're gonna need it.

did anyone think to consult the turtle's feelings on this?
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