Monday, March 14, 2005


It's the End of the World as We Know It

...but I don't feel fine.

ESPN 1000 is reporting (which I found about on the Cub Reporter) that Prior is being shut down because of complaints of elbow pain. If you had March 14th for your "Cubs Out of Contention" pool, you are the winner.

Where's a bridge...

(note: this is pending confirmation, but I prefer to panic first and ask questions later)

*note* This radio report has been confirmed by two independent sources as, at least, being a real radio report.

*update #2* It's March 14th, Mark Prior is being shut down and it's snowing. It's barfing snow at an absurd rate. That sound you hear is me sawing at my wrists with my car keys.

*update #3*
And comfirmation, thanks to the wife. link

In the interest of intellectual honesty, the doctors stated that the MRI showed nothing wrong with the Ulner nerve or or Elbow parts. In the interest of realism, the Cubs are a bunch of liars and I keep my guard up if I were you. Last year was an amazing exercise in dishonesty on the Cubs part, and I see no reason not to expect more of the same. They are still spinning this that they expect neither Wood not Prior to miss a start...but seeing is believing, my friends.

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