Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Lots of Important stuff to report

...but I'm going to talk about baseball anyway.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

(Cubs won)

6-1, no less. Of course, it was against the hapless Royals, but a win is a win is a win in these trying times. Mitre started, and while he was not magical, he was certainly decent. He walked a few too many (3), but he only gave up one run in his four innings. Borowski pitched a strong inning (no runs, no walks, one strikeout) as did LaTroy, Ohman, and Leicester. Wellemeyer didn't allow any runs in his inning of work, but he walked three...which is a lot. But the race for last lefty has accelerated, as both Ohman and Randolph have had decent (not stellar) springs. I'm rooting for Ohman (which means you should be too). On offense, nothing too interesting to note. Patterson knocked in a couple and Nomar and Ramirez continue their hot springs. Other than that, nothing too special.

Toss and Catch

Wood is planning to throw from the mound today while Prior throws from flat ground. reports (see link above) that Prior and Wood will be ready for the start of the season, even if Wood does not actually start opening day. And why shouldn't be believe news from "The Official site of the Chicago Cubs." I mean, they wouldn't have any kind of conflicting agenda, would they? More importantly (I may have already addressed this), how does this affect me? It may not have a negative affect on me, as Wood/Prior may be pitching the home opener if they are pushed back a couple of spots. How great would it be to tell my kids that I was there the very day Wood's arm detached at the shoulder and fell to the grass, flopping on the ground like a fish out of water, gasping its last breath.

A few notes from skimming the news

Cardinal (the other kind, i.e. neither baseball nor bird) blasts Da Vinci Code as absurd. A "gross and absurd" distortion of history. *Gasp* *sputter* it's like, total fiction...oh wait.

sort of related - flowing the link above, we see that Dan Brown looks like a total tool.

At least in my opinion(and that's all that counts here), there is a very important vote today on ANWAR drilling. I'm very concerned about the amount of oil that our country uses, and it only increases with each giant vehicle Americans purchase. Nothing is more wreckless (vehicle-wise) than the purchase of a Hummer, for example. And they are just coming up with newer, bigger vehicles. How about we think outside the box a bit.

An example: In a great step for Chicago, the Metra (the city to suburb train line) is now allowing bikes on the train in June. This will allow people to ride their bikes to the train, take them on the train, and then ride them to work. The wife and I are going to start doing this in June, if not earlier. It is a great opportunity to stop burning money and oil at such a rapid rate (we were going through two tanks of gas a week). At the very least, it will help me feel less like a hypocrit.

Bush is currently holding a press conference on various topics: Social Security, Iraq, Iran, World Bank...and Steriods. Which one of these is not like the other? Why the hell does Congress care about baseball when there are all these - slightly - more important issue at hand. A couple things I noted during the press conference:
Alright. Cubs have an off day today. The take on Oakland tomorrow at 2:05. Go Cubs!

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