Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Need some optimism and CNN cracks me up

I have to admit, I'm starting to get a little down on the Cubs this spring. The Cubs went down
11-7 in a game started by Glendon Rusch and finished by Chad Fox. Rusch gave up three runs in only three innings, and Fox gave up 4(!) runs in his one inning of work. In between, Roberto Novoa also gave up four runs in a bit over an inning (but he is not in the bullpen running). It was sort of disappointing to see Rusch and Fox struggle so badly, but worse was seeing another Cub loss. I know the Spring Training record is unimportant, but I really would like to see a Cub win. Or maybe I just want the regular season to start.

Unfortunately, we are probably going to be seeing the season start with both Prior and Borowski on the DL and Macias not on the DL, but still. Lets go baseball! I'm sick of waiting.I find humor to be the best cure for the Spring Training blues and as we have found, CNN provides all the humor one needs on a daily basis. That being said...

Horse tests positive for Steriods

Medal-winning Ireland was apparently juicing which, unlike in baseball, is against the rules in horse racing. Ireland (the horse, not the country) is being stripped of his gold metal for injecting Mark McGwire testosterone into its buttocks. McGwire could not be reached for comment.

59 ex-U.S. diplomats oppose Bolton

...finally catching up with the rest of the nation as well all realized Bolton was a no-talent ass clown years ago.

Death sentence by Jury that discussed Bible thrown out

The jury that sentenced Robert Harlan to death for raping and killing a woman had their ruling overturned when it was revealed that they turned to the Bible for guidance in determining the sentence. The passage that lead to the decision? The ol' "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" ruling. Where have I heard that before? Where? Think, think. I've got it:
The Code of Hammurabi from the ancient civilivation of Mesopotamia (remember 5th grade Social Studies? Epic of Gilgamesh and all that?). The "eye for an eye" schtick popped up in those early writings in ~1780 BC, which (if my math is right) is about 1780 years before Christ. And well before the Judeo-Christians wrote down their own set of myths that included the "eye for and eye" passage. Now, how would people react if it had been reveiled that the deliberations had included the unrolling of the Code of Hammurabi to decide the man's fate? I'm thinking there would be much laughter followed by a smattering of public scorn. Especially since everyone knows that the only decent text to judge a person by is the Kitab-i-Iqan (Book of Certitude).

I have no optimism.

Except that I'm optimistic that Ron may sprain a forhead vein this year.

They look just good enough to almost be good. But not quite.
Just tripped over your blog and found a kindred soul.
Nice 'Office Space' quote.
"Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."

My blog pretty much mirrors yours. The pitching thing is getting scary. Not good when the front of the rotation is made of glass and the back of the bullpen is a gas can. Or maybe "tanker truck" is better.

Um, Let's go Cubs!
Fox also threw three wild pitches in that one inning.
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