Friday, March 11, 2005


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Game Recap

The Cubs pulled out a 5-3 victory today over the Seattle Mariners. Of note: Prior finally pitched, slinging the hardball for 3 innings, giving up 1 run on 4 hits. I blame myself for the runs. I listened to exactly 10 minutes of the game today, tuning in with 2 outs and nobody on in the 3rd only to hear 3 straight ground-ball singles for a run. So, I offer up my apologies. (*frowny face*) But, some good news, as it sounds as if Prior was in good shape today, not giving up too many hard hit balls.

Other than the Prior extravaganza, the homer was the play of the day. The outfield tandom of Burnitz and Dubois both had solo shots, and Cody Ransom won the battle of the brilliantly named, homering off of Cha-Seung Baek. Thus Dubois continues his power laden spring, hopefully catching Dusty's eye. You Go Doob!

Finally, for JoBo, there was some good and some bad. But you take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and then what do you have? That's right, the Facts of Life. The Good: Borowski struck out two and pitched another inning. The Bad: He also gave up a homer. The Good: That guy won't be in the majors this year. The Bad: That guy won't be in the majors this year. The Good: JoBo had good command of his slider. The Bad: Fastball topped out at 88 mph. and of course... The Facts of Life.

The Cubs will take on Arizona today at home. I think Remlinger will be getting his first action today. But more exciting is that tomorrow the Cubs will take on the The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or translated: The The Angels Angels of Anaheim) on WGN. It will be the first chance to take a look at the new broadcast team of Len Kasper and Bob Brenly.

In other news:

Wood sees Doctor, Panic in the streets of Chicago

If you saw someone running around in circles over by Wrigley screaming like a girl, that was me. Actually, that had nothing to do with Kerry's shoulder, but I thought I would mention it. Apparently he has some inflammation, some bursitis, and this will end his season. Granted, that isn't what the article says, but I think I can read between the lines. I have definitely decide not to get a Wood jersey though, as I'm pretty the right sleeve would tear off after a day of wear.

And it's not baseball, but...

New Star Wars installment to be "dark"

Personally, I would be happy if it was "good". (*note* I wouldn't come to this site for any sort of insight into Baseball, or world events. However, I would take my word on Star Wars.) It is common knowledge that the "first" three Star Wars movies were pure genius - three of the best movies ever made. However, the next two: The moderately crap-tastic, Jar-Jar infused Phantom Menace was not so good and the second one was decent, but still had horrible acting. I blame nobody more than Lucas for writing a positively atrocious script. I could go on, but I won't. I wouldn't want to come off as "uncool" or "a big loser" or "a hideously unattactive Star Wars fan-boy troll-like cretin". All that being said, this had better be good, or I will be selling off my #1 issue Star Wars: A New Hope comic book.

Pardon me while I "BAH!" with laughter over the Star Wars paragraph.

Lucus scripts were always atrocious pap. The trick was to cast people who can make atrocious pap sound profound and exciting.

He's managed to cast total twats in every single role in the first two movies, excepting Ewan McGreggor who is the only one who actually seemed to do any research for the role. Then, of course, all he had to do was be Alec Guinness and he was sure to be brilliant.

Everyone else was total crap. I want to stuff the brat and the vader-wannabe star in both movies right into a toilet and flush.

Not that I'm a geek or bitter or anything. Oh no.
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