Friday, March 18, 2005


News and Notes

The Cubs Played

I not going to bother to try and recap yesterday's 6-5 win over Oakland. Al Yellon over at Bleed Cubbie Blue was actually at the game in Arizona (my jealousy is boiling over) and has a recap that involves actual observations and not just numbers (what, there is more that baseball than stats?!? Heresy). Head on over and check it out. He is one of the best Cub Bloggers and I definite daily read.

Just to summarize the game a bit, though: Maddux was not as bad as his 4 runs in 5 innings appeared, as the defense was bad behind him (Hairston had some outfield problems. Let's just say sunlight was involved and leave it at that). The Cubs hit the ball hard and the bullpen was great, blanking Oakland for their four innings of work. Pretty good game for the Cubs. (holy crap! Postive news about the Cubs!)

The Cubs have another Cross Town Classic today, taking on the White Sox at White Sox Park (Arizona edition), with Grace and Wayne favorite Angel Guzman starting for the Cubbies. Hopefully he can impress, because the way things have been going there is a pretty solid chance that he will get a few starts in the majors (even if he is not a rotation regular). The way thing are going, of course, he could be hit by a bus on the way to the ballpark. Of course, the game is on WGN and I am at work. There is something seriously wrong with this picture. That being said, Lets Go Cubs!

The Madness Continues

...and I clearly must have been mad to take Iowa and Pittsburg to the Sweet 16. I have only called two games wrong so far (out of 16), and those two losses are going to completely screw me. In my defense, I just really hate Cincy and maybe my Big Ten pride took over a bit in picking Iowa...but there is just no excuse to take Pitt over Washington. I just wanted to be "That Guy," the only guy who called it. Well, I still have a chance, as I have N.C. State in the Sweet 16. There is a pretty good chance that I'm going to go 0-3 on long-shot calls. poo. However, I would like to point out that I called UAB & UW-Mill., so I did have some success.

The early games today and my prediction in ()'s:

N.C. State v. Charlotte (N.C. State)
Ohio v. Florida (Ohio)
Iowa St. v. Minnesota (Minnesota)
SE Lousisiana v. Oklahoma St (OK st)
Central Fl. v. UConn (UConn)
New Mexico v. Villanova (Villanova)
Oakland v. North Carolina (UNC)
St. Mary's v. S. Illinois (Souther Ill.)

Lots of Steriod Talk

...for another blog to handle, not mine. I am very much disinterested in the whole mess.


Anyone who has read my blog in the last couple of weeks probably is aware that I am strongly against the drilling in Alaska. I think that is serves no lasting purpose and can only do harm. Unfortunately, the measure to keep drilling in ANWAR in the budget passed 51-49, so we may very well see the drilling begin this year. There should still be lots of opposition, and not just from environmentalists, I hope. Hopefully rational, forward thinking people everywhere will oppose this wasteful spending on yet another short term solution to the oil problem.

Bikes on Metra

It looks like they are going to allow bikes on the Metra (the Metra is the chicago->suburb line) although it is not certain yet. It has passed in the Illinois house, but Metra officials still must allow it. If you are interested in this passing, which will allow many people to use the Metra as a form of transportation rather than driving, please sign the petition here. Anything helps.

Okay then. That all for now. I will be following the NCAA tournament in brilliant Blog-o-vision later today.

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