Sunday, March 27, 2005


On to the Final Four or, the Final Fourth Starter

So, anything interesting happen in college basketball while I was away this weekend?

I would love to blog about how great the Illinois or Lousiville comeback was, or how Wisconsin played a great game, or how Michigan State hung right there with Kentucky...but I basically missed all the games. Damn. I watched almost all of the first two weekends and then I miss the Elite Eight. So, I will leave the game commentary to another and simply wish I had Tivo.

Dempster, Dumpster, Frumpster

Ryan Dempster, fourth starter in name only, continued to suck this spring. After getting knocked around for 5 runs in 3 2/3 innings sunday, Dempster saw his era rise to 11.19. Just to be clear, that is over 11 runs allowed per 9 innings. Yikes. For some reason, and I think it has something to do with needing another lefty in the pen, Dempster is being given the fourth starter role in the absence of a healthy Prior. But why exactly is he being assured of a role? His career era is lingering in the 5.00 range, and he has had exactly one decent season...four years ago. Well, whatever, hopefully his pitches will miss a few more bats when the Cubs head north.

Wood to pitch

...tuesday. No, wait - Wednesday. Is that supposed to be Wednesday of this week? This year? Are we talking slow pitch softball, or actual baseball? Well, I guess we get to wait one more day for Wood's triumphant return (barring a stiff back, tummy ache, hang nail, watery eyes...).

Returning to Glory

Scott Williamson, recovering from Tommy John surgery, threw 60 pitches at ~50% today (Sunday). He will not be around for awhile as he has to do the whole comeback thing, but once he is healthy (next year) he will be a great addition to the Cubs. He was truly an excellent reliever before he injured his elbow.

Cubs play monday at 2:05 with Rusch taking the mound again. Prior is going to pitch another simulated game pretty soon. That is the story of the Cubs vaunted pitching staff.

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