Friday, March 04, 2005


Toss and Catch

What I heard while listening to the Cubs first spring training game

According to Jim Hendry, Angel Guzman is throwing like he was never hurt. He's walking around with the biggest smile in the place. My take: Let him start in Triple A with Rusch in the rotation, and then part way through the season move Rusch to the bullpen and Guzman into the rotation (obviosuly depending on how he does in the minors). Very much like the Cubs did with Kerry Wood in '98.

More from Hendry, regarding DuBois. Dubois has nothing left to prove in the minors, but still Dubois has to earn his place on the team during Spring Training. On the surface this seems like a reasonable thing, until one considers that we will be judging him on 30 AB's, where a bloop and a bleeder can mean 30 points in Batting Average. Don't make me get all sample size on your ass.

While listening to the game...Zambrano makes a fine play and Pat Hughes begins to wax poetic on Zambrano's excellent footwork. Santo says he would like to take Zambrano dancing sometime (Zambrano's a big guy. He could carry Santo on his back at the clubs much like Chewbacca carried C-3P0 on his back in Cloud City after 3P0 was blasted).

In other news...Woman Tastes musical notes. Apparently, it is just as the title says, she can actually taste music. I'm thinking this isn't here favorite time period music-wise, as I imagine it would take days to get the taste of an Ashley Simpson single out of her mouth.

Bush reassured CIA director he won't lose power under new intellegence re-org. Reports also indicate that he very nearly kept a straight face while saying this. After stating this there was a dramatic pause, after which Bush started right through the director and stated flatly, "would I lie?"

Could this guy become the Greek Josh Groban? How come nobody told me the position of the next Josh Groban was open?!?

Aw, crap. Now I have to watch the O.C. this week.

And finally, we all know Mel Gibson is a religious. He had a vision, and through his religious zeal, The Passion of the Christ came to realization. Whenever he came a difficult decision - a crossroads, if you will - he turned to a higher power and asked himself: what would Jesus do? The answer, of course, is: buy a 5,411-acre (2,164-hectare) Mago Island from Japan's Tokyu Corp. for about US$15 million (euro11 million).

Here's a better plan for Guzman...just wait a couple of weeks until Wood is injured and he can take his spot!
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