Sunday, March 20, 2005


What's going on?

I feel so stupid picking Kansas, Syracuse, Oklahoma, and Gonzaga when I could have had Vermont, Bucknell, Texas Tech, and Utah. Those are much more logical teams to have left than the perenial winners I picked. Whatever. Well, since my brackets is completely worthless at this point, I'm just going to root for Bucknell to win it all. Oh, but I picked N.C. State over UConn. I feel pretty awesome about that. Some thoughts on the tourney:
In non-sports news...

Congress battles for "Terri's Law"

Leave this poor woman alone to die. She is a vegetable...if she didn't want to live like that, she shouldn't have to. Between this and steriods, you would think there was nothing important going on for Congress to legislate on. (*warning* bad joke ahead) It turns out Terri Shivo is in this state because of an eating disorder...isn't it obvious that she would want the feeding tube removed? She must be in her own personal hell.

Every grey cloud...

The December 26th Tsunami has reveiled some ancient ruins - animal faces carved into faces of rocks and such. So, it turns out the Tsunami wasn't all bad, despite the bad rap that it has gotten. I thing people just need to learn to look on the bright side of life.

Alright, back with baseball tomorrow.

Jason, your comments regarding Terri S. and her feeding tubes (Brave New World or what?) just solidifies the fact that NOTHING is sacred.
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