Wednesday, March 30, 2005


What's that you say? Actual Cubs' news?

Yowza! There are actually some interesting things to write about regarding the Cubs. I had sort of thought that I might have to change my blog description to: "dumb ass remarks about current events and not much else." Maybe starting today I can start making dumb ass remarks regarding the Cubs. One way or the other they will be remarks, they will certainly be dumb, and I'm 50-50 on the ass part (hmm, that sounds worse now that I see it in print).

Anyway, I promised Cubs' content, so here it is:

If a Tree falls in the woods, and nobody's around to hear it, does it land on Kerry Wood's right arm?

A fantastic headline out of the Tribune: Wood lets arm talk for him. Well, I don't know how to say this, but so far his arm has been doing its best Marcel Marceau impression. Maybe this headline should have come out *after* Wood pitches today (you know, assuming he actually pitches today. Has anyone heard a report on his back?)

Transactions! Glorious Transactions!

The Cubs have folded another layer of butter into the croissant that is the Cubs' bullpen situation (that is: a lot of air, little substance). They have acquired lefty Cliff Bartosh from the Cleveland Indians for Minor League Righty Ronald "Bear" Bay. The scouting report on Bartosh indicates that he throws with his left arm, throws the ball fast, and makes it curve in the air. More specifically, his fastball is in the low to mid nineties, good slider, and throws nearly sidearm (or so I've heard, I haven't seen him pitch). He is certain to make the team as he is out of options, meaning he can't go to the minors without passing through waivers. The scouting report on "Bear" Bay indicates that he has an excellent nickname, one which will be sorely missed. Not a bad trade but not a great trade either.

Also, about a week ago, the Cubs acquired catcher Mark Johnson from Milwaukee for Travis Ezi. Mark Johnson is a terrible hitter in the tradition of all Cub backup catchers, but at least is willing to take a walk every now and again. He will start in AAA and probably be next in line should either Barrett or Bako get injured. This was a fine acquisition as the Cubs have very little depth in the minors at catcher. Travis Ezi is a pretty terrible hitter and has never made it above single A (and probably never will). Fine deal for the Cubs.

Prior to not pitch

I'm guessing this shocks nobody, but the Cubs are *not* going to pitch Prior against Seattle on Saturday. This gives them the option of back-dating his disabled list time such that, should he go on the dl (and he will, let's be honest here) he will be eligible to come off the dl and pitch April 12th. This is actually a reasonable decision, and it gives Prior more chances to pad his record with some more simulated wins. He will likely get his next start in the minors before pitching on April 12th (or July 12th...whatever). Actually, there was good news, as Prior felt fine yesterday after simulating 4 innings on Monday.

Yesterday's game

The Cubs won against the Brew Crew yesterday 13-7. Mitre sucked as he has all summer, but the interesting thing was that Will Cunnane pitched for the Cubs. The Cubs lost him briefly in the Rule V draft (that's V as in 5, not vee. The draft dates back to ancient the Super Bowl) and then traded back for him. He then blew an elbow and disappeared for awhile. But, should he be fully recovered from surgery, he will be someone to keep an eye on for a mid-season call-up. In other news, Wuertz continued to impress, Chad Fox did *not* give up four runs, Lee and Hairston both had big days, and Burnitz went 3-3. Good day for the offense, blah day for the pitching.

Wood will (maybe) take the mound against the Rockies today. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the bullpen will be on the edge of their seats waiting for Wood to pop a joint.

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