Sunday, March 06, 2005


When in Doubt...

News and Notes...

The bad news, if you haven't heard, is that the Cubs lost today 10-1. None of the 4-Cy's pitched today, with Jimmy Anderson getting the start (you may remember him - tubby guy, no fastball) and being followed up with: Randolph (from AZ in trade), Novoa (came over for Tightpants), Will Ohman (fighting for last lefty spot), Chad Fox (non-roster invitee, recoverd from Tommy John surgury), and finally Michael Wuertz. And as you might guess from that list of names...they were lit up. The only plus in this game is that Chad Fox pitched the only 1-2-3 inning and I like Chad Fox. He has a funky delivery and good sinker.

Tomorrow, Borowski will throw for the Cubs, the first real-game work he has gotten since July 4th, 2004. Good luck to JoBo, hope he has that slider working.

In other news...

BTK says he is depressed. The nation was rocked by this news, and candlelight vigils are being held for this poor, poor man. Let's all hope that he gets over these Boogie Woogie Blues and that this doesn't matastisize into a nasty case of the Rockin' Pneumonia.

In other sad news, Communism is losing its grip in lovely Moldova. Which I find shocking (shocking!) as Communism has such a brilliant track record in the global political landscape. For those that are unfamiliar, Moldova is host to the "underground kingdom of wine" and - now, I'm just guessing here - a fair amount of vodka.

In slightly more important news, Illinois lost! Just incredible. I had no idea (I was out enjoying the weather today). This isn't going to lose them the 1 seed in the tournament or anything, but it does defend my alma-mater's standing as the last undefeated Div-I NCAA team. You gotta like that.

And finally (as a scientist I have to post this) we have Bush's plans for science in 2005. Not listed in the official plans are:
Okay, folks, that's all from here. It may not have been the most interesting post of all time. And hey, maybe shear boredom cost me a few readers to ritual suicide, but it's my blog and I can always get more readers (just kidding readers, I love you all!!! Can I get you anything? Warm milk? Ovaltine?).

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