Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yesterday was an off day lets make today an on day. Right on.

I have yet to offer an opinion on this whole pitcher-gate thing. Of course, that is sort of the theme of this blog: shallow observations, little actual content. But without a game recap to bouy me, I need to find something to write about and so, in the grand tradition of socialites everywhere, I'm arriving late to the party.

Let me first off say that I've traditionally been a Wood apologist - if it can be called tradition only dating back to 1998. I have defended the fact that he never had more than 14 wins, the fact that he goes too deep into counts, and the fact that he is from Texas. So now I am going to defend the fact that he shut himself down with bursitis - defend him to a point, that is. I completely agree with the fact that he shut himself down at this time. It is Spring Training. Let me say that again: It is Spring Training. This is not the time to be a man like old man Kaufax (who, I might add, pitch a whopping 12 years before retiring due to pain) and pitch through any and all pain. It just doesn't make sense. These games count for nothing. And more importantly, shoulder injuries are serious, serious business. There is no magic, Tommy John-like cure for shoulder pain. So, as long as we are in exhibition time, let's take it easy.

That being said, if this reoccures during the season, Wood has to pitch through it. He has to, unless it is actual serious pain and not just tightness. The reason I think this is so important is because this really, for real, can be the year. And I'm not just saying that from a place of hopeless optimism. This is a very talented team, and everyone should suck it up and play hard and with pain.

Which brings us to Prior. Oh, Mark. Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark. I don't know what to think about Mark. On one hand, he seems to feel a little twinge and burst into uncontrollable sobbing. On the other hand, he was pitching the entire last half of 2003 with a damaged achilles, and he dominated. I mean, right now he doesn't have actual pain, just stiffness and some sort of weird numbness. However, if I was pitching and felt any kind of numbness in my elbow, I would absolutely freak out. So I can see his side on that too. And one more thing to remember is, in 1999 Wood had a sore right elbow in spring Training and pitched through it. Until, that is, the tendon ripped and he missed the next season and a half. So caution is not a bad thing.

I guess if it came down to it, I would have to say that I do not object to either pitcher shutting it down now. Let's try to start the season off right. But once the games get going, I want everyone on the team (*everyone*) to play through all the pain they can and I want to win it all this year. Who knows how much longer I'll be living on the Corner of Grace and Wayne. I want to win it while I'm so close to the action.

Cubs play today against Oakland. Let go Cubs!

Your youthful optimisim is heartbreaking.
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