Saturday, April 09, 2005


37-0? maybe I fell just short on my prediction. Shut up. I didn't fail, the Cubs failed me.
What a frustrating game (frustrating game, but still a great day). I don't understand what it is about lefties that gives the Cubs so much trouble. I mean, our lineup is stacked with righties (and righties with platoon splits). What's the problem here?

I'm not sure why Hairston is doing his best Sammy Sosa impression (sucking). I'm not sure why 2-strike 2-out LaTroy can't finish a game (Latroy...the nineth is just like the eighth, only one more). There is a lot that I don't understand, but I don't like to dwell on the negative. So, how about dwelling on the positive...

Dubois got the start (!) in left, and had an excellent game. After Capuano walked the bases loaded, Dubois drove the first (or maybe second) pitch into left for a couple RBIs. That was pretty sweet. The Cubs took plenty of walks...that was also pretty sweet. So, you know, a couple things were pretty sweet yesterday. Churros are sweet too, but I didn't eat a churro yesterday (I did eat a hot dog...but hot dogs aren't sweet. Sweet relish is sweet...I'm the most boring person alive).

Alright, I'm going to free my readers from the prison that is this blog entry (metaphorically speaking). Just one more quick thing...if Dusty ever double switches Nomar out for Neifi again...well, I'll just be filled with rage (grrrr).

If anyone needs something uplifting, there is a picture of a kitten (scroll down) that might interest you...


John here from The Cubby Corner, (Better known as the lamest Cubs blog in the entire known universe... LOL!)I really enjoy your site and have made it a regular read. Very entertaining Cubs commentary.

I did notice your political links. How about adding my other blog, Holstein Grove( to your list of 'Bad Guys'? If you go over there and take a look around you'll see why I think HG is a prime bad guy candidate. plus, I'm a WI transplant living in IL. I myself am still trying to figure out how I became a Cubs fan. The whole HG site has a distictive Wisconsin theme and feel you can't miss. So there's one more reason to put me on your bad guys list!

Thanks, John
Will do. I actually have read your site and had considered adding it, but didn't want to put it under the "bad guys" list given that you are a Cubs fan and all. But with your blessing, I do agree it belongs. I will add it pretty soon.
Thanks man!

Oh, and GO CUBBIES!!!!!
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