Monday, April 04, 2005


Chicago Cubs are on the air!!!!

so sayeth Pat Hughes. I've been waiting a long time to hear that. I can't get WGN out here in Batavia (probably because I'm sitting on the equivalent of a nuclear reactor) so I have to buy the mlb package. Pretty annoying, I must say, living in chicago and having to pay for the service. But it is all worth it to hear Pat Hughes dulcet tones and Ronnie too.

I'm only going to catch the first hour+ of the game, but after today, I will be on the ball for the rest of the games.

We're getting ready to start here. Lets Go Cubs!!!!!

Oh baby, Paterson starts it off with a single. That's it, the Cubs are going to win the pennant.

(4:45 pm) Blogger failed me for a bit, but I'm back on the air now. Cubs are up 3-0 (woo hoo!) and looking great. I can already smell the pennant. Oh doctor, 4-0 Cubs!

(4:57 pm) Wow, blogger is really buggy. Since blogger was last down (at least to me) the Cubs scored 3 more runs and are up 7-0. They are making it really easy for me to miss the last 2/3 of the game.

(5:20 pm) Alright, I've got to go bump-set-spike pretty soon here. Don't let the Cubs lose on me. Also, pull Zambrano after 100 pitches...don't let Dusty work him up for 130 (you know he wants to).

I tried to liveblog the game, but had to leave in the middle of it, too.

Blogger would let me open and reopen and operate my edit page, but the server gagged when I tried to reload my homepage to see what I saved.


P.S. I love when Pat says that, too. It's almost as good as Ron's "NOOOO!!" Almost.
I tried to post a preview of the game on mine this afternoon, but it didn't post right. I just gave up and wrote a wrap-up of the game later on.

Oh well, CUBS WIN!!
Can someone tell me what time the gates open at Wrigley before a game? In time for BP? Can anyone with a ticket go to the bleachers during BP to shag balls?
(Newbie, remember? Be kind . . .)
Mike - that was exactly the problem I was having. No problem publishing, many problems viewing. It is like they put all the baseball blogs on the same server and opening day blew them up.
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