Sunday, April 24, 2005


Cubs Fever

...just kidding. Unless you accept that the fever is accompanied by nausea and vomitting.

and choking (I'm looking at you, LaTroy).

There's hyperextended knees and torn's the first stanza of a country song. I know I've got the broken heart (but no dog and my wife hasn't left me...yet).

Is LaTroy out of the closers role? I sure hope so. I was always on his side, but I just can't watch him blow anymore 1 run leads.

Is Dusty still the manager? Sadly yes, but I know an angry mob that might have something to say about that.

Have I just discovered the"Return" key? No, it just seems that way.

Burnitz just hit a homer to give the Cubs a lead...maybe things are looking up. Although it is worth pointing out, Wood still has to take the mound a few more times today.

Lets just take this series. A Wood victory leaves it up to Prior, and that makes me happy.

(update 2:45) oops, I was too optimistic. Wood is already out of the game. What is it? What's torn? I'm sure the Cubs will say that it was just precautionary

Welcome back, J.
Wood's shoulder bursitis is acting up again. If he responds well to anti-inflammation treatment he shouldn't have to miss a start.
If you call the Cubs' PR department, there's just a tape loop that says, "It's only precautionary. If [insert pitcher's name here] responds to the anti-inflammatory, he shouldn't have to miss a start. This has been a recording."
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