Friday, April 29, 2005


For those of you watching the game on CSN

...Bob Brenly is saying smart things. He was discussing how unfair the 300 win mark was as a benchmark for success. He proceeded to point out that wins are highly dependent on the team around you and used Clemens season to date as an example.

I don't know if he meant to or not, but he made the case for Blyleven in the Hall and a Cy Young for Randy Johnson last year. I have heard very little of the Cubs TV broadcast team, but I like what I here. Kasper is great and I have no problem with Brenly. Or have I missed Brenly saying many stupid things?

Oh, and this ump sucks.

(update 8:50) I'm not sure which in more shocking. That Burnitz is now just a triple away from the cycle or that Burnitz already has 2 triples this year. Regardless, 3-2 Cubs. Go Cubs!

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!!!!!!

Did you also hear the casters discuss how LaTroy Hawkins isn't as bad as everyone in the CBA says he is?
Sure. LaTroy drives me insane, but mostly because I don't understand how he keeps coughing up leads when he is a good pitcher. I really liked what I saw last night as with 2 strikes he was keeping the ball down and away consistently. If he missed, he missed down. I makes it harder to hit a homer that way. LaTroy really looked unhittable last night (as did Michael Wuertz)
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