Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Just a mini-post

To state for the record that, should the Cubs continue to strand runners in scoring position, I will no longer be watching the Cubs. I had enough of that last season

that is all

See how much the Cubs miss Alou? At least he made it a point to get picked off or thrown out so he doesn't get stranded.
The Cubs win the first game of a series, and you race off to the playoffs. You lose the next game and you "redesign" your blog so as to not talk about how bad the Cubs played. Lose the final game and you no longer watch the Chubs.
So much for you big ol'can of whoop-ass!!!
Hope it tasted as good as it looked here in Dbackland.
Oooo, burn.

Check out GROTA ( for talk about how bad the Cubs are.

I think the lovely wife will attest that 90% of my mood is dictated my Cubs' games. For which I sincerely apologize (to her, not you).

I guess the real question will be how sweet another 50 win season is going to taste down there in hotsville, USA once the geriatric corp starts to break down.

But I'm glad I could give you a good laugh. (It is the best medicine)
You promise you won't watch any more Cubs games? Promise?

It's like I always say: Good riddance to any bandwagon fans like yourself.

I think you need to apologize to your wife for being an idiot first and foremost. It has to be frustrating for her trying to deal with a little child like yourself. I'm sure she asks herself everyday what she did to deserve you.
Awesome...they love me! they really love me!

I've always said, there's no better team ot bandwagon with than the Cubs
Hey Be Nice. Hubby is no bandwagon fan. He lives and dies by the Cubbies. I think that is the only insult that would actually piss the boy off. (see and they didn't even play today...i was home free on the good attitude for the day!)
Yes Jason, I did get a good laugh. Anytime I am not the one eating crow I laugh. You will get a chance for revenge at the end of Aug. I was cheering for A. Rameriz... (on my fantasy team).
Hope to win at least 70 this
best of luck rest of year.
p.s. I have seen My team win a World Series. Have You???
Just to make it clear - that Tom and this Tom are not the same Tom.
While the RISP is frustrating, what I really loved yesterday is that 7 of the D-backs 8 runs came with 2 outs. Way to close the door!
I have seen My team win a World Series. Have You???

Of course I've seen your team win a World Series. That was only, like, 4 years ago. How old do you think I am?
The intent of this comment is to be as confusing as possible.

In the aforementioned comments made by several people sharing similar names and qualities, it has occurred to me that perhaps the most distinct asshatidness that can possibly occur happens when, to the contrary, said previous name-sharer makes blatantly ignorant comments regarding bandwagoning and whatever conceivable joy that can possibly be obtained in even a minute amount by watching a team win the World Series when they've utterly diluded the victory by doing it so often, and by purchasing so many players without consideration to how karma will come a'callin in a later time.

With that said, Evil Tom is a douche bag for calling Jason (or any Cubs fan) a bandwagoner. Uh, frixel fraxel friggle. (I said that last part to maintain the illusion of confusion.)

Evil Tom, you're ignorant and you smell of cat urine. I guess the kitty from the post above must've had an accident. At least it explains the look of utter contentment on its face.
Wow, you did manage to keep that confusing. Especially given the fact that Tom is not evil, just misguided (most D-back fans are). Brain is evil and must be stopped at all cost.

But hey, the goal was to obfuscate, so well done!
You know, I wasn't sure if Tom was a Yankees fan or a D-Backs fan.

If he's a D-Backs fan, then he's a bandwagoner. You can't root for an expansion club and NOT be a bandwagoner. That's just a fact of life!
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