Friday, April 01, 2005


More Predictions

NL MVP: Miguel Cabrera (FLA)
NL CY: Carlos Zambrano (CHI)
AL MVP: Sammy Sosa Vlad Guerrero (LAA)
AL CY: Randy Johnson (NYY)

NL ROY: Garrett Adkins (COL)
AL ROY: Case Kotchman (LAA)

Manger of the Year
AL: Mike Scoscia (LAA)
NL: Bobby Cox (ATL)

AL: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Twins
NL: Atlanta, Cubs, Cardinals, Padres
W.S. - Cubs over Red Sox in 6

BA - Ichiro! (.358) (SEA)
HR - Vlad Guerrero (43) (LAA)
RBI - Vlad Guerrero (143) (LAA)
Wins - Randy Johnson (21) (NYY)
ERA - Johnson (2.68) (NYY)
Saves - Mariano Rivera (44) (NYY)
BA - Todd Helton (.342) (COL)
HR - Adam Dunn (40) (CIN)
RBI - Miguel Cabrera (139) (FLA)
Wins - Carlos Zambrano (22) (CHI)
ERA - Carlos (2.41) (CHI)
Saves - Eric Gagne (41) (Dodgers)

Book 'em

I definately agree with Miguel Cabrera as MVP. He's probably the most underrated player in the game(that has loads of talent.
The Cabrera and Z picks are definitely going out on a limb, but I like those picks. For Z, not only cos we're Cubs fans but I am now convinced that the guy is even better than Prior or Woody.

For Cabrera, everytime I see him I am that impressed with how good he is and how fast he is progressing.

FYI, Dubois is not eligible for the ROY -- even though he doesn't have the requisite number of AB's by the rule, he spent too many days on the club under the 25-man roster last year.

Source: Cubs Media Guide
Hmmm...that sort of narrows the likelyhood of that prediciton coming true. I will make a change
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