Tuesday, April 05, 2005


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As I'm sure is only apparent to the truly observant, this blog has begun its slow redesign (I thought "redesign" was a kinder word than "decline"). This site is going to drift away from being an exclusively Cubs site and will cover a bit broader topic: everything. Of course, those same observant folks that noticed the evolution in action probably have already noted that this site was never exclusively Cubs. Changes to note:
But the key here is that I just decided to make all those changes on the fly without giving it much thought. So, I have forgotten about a billion obvious inclusions to the links sections. If you have a suggestion regarding a link to add or if you are sickened by the shocking lack of quality that this site offers and would like you link removed, please note that in the comments section.

Someday you will come to this site and see a fancy new banner and a new color scheme and you will probably just pee your pants. I know I will. Actually, go ahead and reload, maybe I've made the changes already...

(there are no changes)

In other news

Delivery Man stuck in elevator for 3 days

It was a sad story. The man, abandoned in the closed, confined elevator. No one to talk to, no way to get his package delivered. His only friend: a volleyball with a bloody handprint. Oh wait, no, that's not right.

It was actually a Chinese Food delivery man. He was found 3 days later after reporting late for work. When he discovered he could not escape from his elevatory tomb, he did what any one of us would have done: He ate the food. Unfortunately, it was little use, as he was just hungry again an hour later.

(I'd just like to point out that this story was on CNN. National news. It is as if the rest of the world is honoring the Pope's passing by DOING NOTHING)

Librarian loses "pretty girl" suit

The Judge ruled that she was not discriminated against by the Harvard Library who, she claimed, thought she was just a "pretty girl." Turns out, she just wasn't that pretty. Sorry babe, next case. But hey, before you leave, could you grab me a cup of coffee, sweet thang. That's a good girl.

Ancient Mayan Saltworks discovered

They included: Pretzels, Fritos, and the ever ellusive Saltwater Taffy.

and finally...

The man who knows "Sith's" secrets

Meet Matthew Woodring Stover. He's a outdoorsey type with a dog and a Chet moustache that makes him look a bit like Major Dad. It seems to me he would be better off spending his time beating up nerd-boys rather than having to endure their worship. But looks can be deceiving, as this man is a respected (strictly within the genre, we can safely assume) Fantasy writer and a member of the "Nerdly Ones."

He's been commisioned to write the novelization of Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. He's the lucky guy that gets to take Lucas' brilliant script, strip it of all those glitzy special effects, and throw it down onto plain, white paper. If he can make this script look good, I will put him right up there with Karl Rove in terms of ability to turn a steaming bucket of poo into a success.

Stover can be easily found around town...just look for the throng of 30 year old virgins swarming around him wearing "Jar Jar sucks" tee-shirts.

Well, congrats.
I wish you the greatest success, and will follow your blog, with or without the Cubs content. Tally-ho!
But just to be clear: I am a painfully obsessive Cubs fan. I will still post often (possibly even daily) on the Cubs. However, I will probably just post more about other stuff too. Baseball will only be a part of the site, but a big part.
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