Monday, April 11, 2005


Not to be a Two-poster but

...this is a great article on Slate.

Why can't anyone throw a fastball faster than 100 mph?

First of all, they're talking about throwing well over 100 mph, not slightly over 100 mph. The reason for this is about what you would expect (lingament strength and all that). I'm not really interested in the science of biomechanic though, I'm interesting is playing a little game. Did I pull the following out of the above article, or Chapter 7 of the Kama Sutra:

"...generates momentum by rocking onto his back leg and thrusting forward. After that he rotates his pelvis and upper trunk, then his elbow, shoulder, and wrist."

or how about this

"...released from the longer lever will have more velocity. But as a lever becomes larger, it requires more torque to move. Randy's lever is larger; Wagner's moves more quickly."

Not as easy as you would have thought, eh? After all, Randy Johnson is the Big Unit (and that nickname is such overkill...did Randy Johnson really need a better porn name? Randy Johnson is already top 5, easy).

But, all joking aside, if anyone ever wanted to know why Billy Wagner's little lever is just as effect as Randy Johnson's big one, this is a very informative article.

And just to show that I can be serious, an important article was passed onto me by Scott....

World's "Oldest Thing ever" gets viewing

Keith Richards was unavailable for comment.

From the article:

Saturday's daylong celebration was capped with "The Rock Concert" by jazz musicians who composed music to try to answer the question: What does 4.4 billion years old sound like?

Unfortunately, they were only able to capture the feeling of a song lasting 4.4 billion years, much to the dismay of the throng that gathered to observe the really, really, tiny piece of glass or something. Hey! It's yellow...ish.

"It's an amazing story. The whole thing is something that captures your imagination," said Nathanson, 53, a saxophonist who spent a year composing the performance.

Clearly this man was stoned. You know what really captures the imagination? A monkey! And he's dressed like a person!

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