Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Oh the Drama

...oh the humanity!

But first off let me just point out for those that didn't notice, my site has changed a bit. The orange is now a redder shade of orange (so red that it is actually red, not orange) and there are touches of blue here and there. Classy, if I do say so myself (and I do). I'm fairly happy that my color scheme now lines up more closely with the Cubs than the Mets. I'd just like to thank Kurt Evans of Cub Fan Nation for designing me up a lovely banner and Byron of the Cubdom for helping with html.

now that that's done...

Who do you love?

Corey Patterson

Who else do you love?

Derrek Lee. Does anyone else feel like Lee is getting better? He is now officially the "Player of the Blog" from now until I change my mind. The Player of the Day was a good idea, but I'm far too lazy to change it every day and I just can't risk getting stuck with Hollandsworth staring back at me.

So, in summary: Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

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