Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Oh, the pain

...oh the sorrow (that is watching Kerry Wood pitch)

Thankfully I don't have to watch this, but it is bad enough listening to this debacle on the radio. As I post now, it is 4-0 Padres with the Cubs "offense" facing one of the best pitchers in the league. Not only is Wood incapable of throwing a strike (utterly incapable) but he can't even throw the ball to first! Geh.

Anyway, I really have to stop defending this guy. I don't care how hard he throws, he will always find a way to disappoint. I am now thoroughly depressed (*sad face*).

Well, time to look at the positive. Wood was not hit very hard (other than the homer) and did strike out two (the 8 and 9 hitters). That is a pretty serious reach for some positives, but when the Cubs are down 4-0 in the first, you have to do some serious reaching.

I'll update at event warrant.

(12:40) That was quick. 5-0 Padres on a Giles Homer. Here is where I submit my prediction for the final score: 8-0 Padres.

(12:50) Peavy is making very short work of the Cubs so far. The Cubs have been swinging at the second or third pitch from this guy every time. (*shakes head*)

(1:10) Hoo-Ha, and Patterson puts the Cubs on board. Hmm, I'm going to predict that the Cubs lose 8-1 and see if that gets them another run.

(1:15) um...the final score will be 8-2. yeah, that's it

(1:45) In case you're wondering, I hate Neifi Perez even more (if that's possible) with today's 3-3 performance. I'm not exactly super rational

Pain, indeed. I'm at home watching this sad showing. At least they've put him back on the shelf for the day.

Oh, God... am I really putting my hopes on the 'pen? This is too much.
I haven't read your post yet, but you might want to change your POD - Hollandsworth, that striking-out-to-end-the-inning-twelve-letter-word.
Yeah, I don't really get the Neifi thing. I'd much rather see Hairston starting myself, but Perez seems like an adequate and pleasant backup. Unlike, say, Ramon Martinez last year, who drove me crazy.

2nd game is going much better, btw. Hairston's playing well, Prior's shutting them down without half trying. Very cool. And they showed a Dusty quote heavily implying that Hairston would get the bulk of the starts while Walker's out.
Your man Neifi is having a HELL of a day.
Good job, Dusty!
Yeah, you might want to divert your hatred for Neifi more towards Wood. I swear, if somebody mentions his 20 strikeout day (last decade?) I'll implode. He's still living off that one game...ok, and beating Atlanta twice in the playoffs...but THAT'S IT!
Come back to us, Jason.
Did a good start by Prior (and a win by the Cubs) and the rampant success of Neifi render you speechless?
Or unconscious?
Just a little rushed in preparation for a trip to Florida. Having to work up a talk and pack at the same time has sucked up a bit of my time. Also, I had a post ready, but the internet went out at my apartment.
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