Friday, April 29, 2005


Series Preview

I'm going to do something a bit new to this site: a series preview (which you might have guessed from the title). I doubt I will do this too often because lots of other sites do it, but I can promise that my preview will be at least 50% geekier than other CBA sites. So here goes...

Cubs at Astros

4/29 Maddux vs. Roger Clemens

This is the big one. The clash of the titans. Obi-Wan vs. Vader (crafty vet vs. evil big guy - get it?) Lonestar vs. Dark Helmet. I could go on, but I won't. Clemens has been unearthly this year and is currently sporting an 0.32 era in his four starts. So the Cubs can expect to score a third of a run should Clemens complete the game (their only hope is that the score ends up being 1/3-0 Cubs). Clemens is also averaging 7 innings a start, so he has not had to rely on the bullpen too often. When he has, it has not been great, to which his 1-0 record will attest. In general, the Astros are not a great team, but Clemens just keeps getting better and Maddux is going have to use the full power of the Schwartz to pull this one out (I have to believe Maddux has the upside of the Schwartz, so he should win in a head-to-head battle). Prediciton: Cubs win 3-2 in extra innings.

4/30 Wood vs. Backe

Brandon Backe was one of those infuriating pitchers that didn't look very impressive but still managed to shut down the Cubs last year (7 innings, 0 runs). This year he has struggled to a 6+ era. He doesn't have particularily good stuff and he comes off as sort of generic on the mound. Just another Red Shirt on the metaphorical Enterprise, and I predict the Cubs will get their revenge this year and he will meet the fate befitting of any Red Shirt (you guessed it, he gets a phaser to the chest while Dusty is making it with an oddly attractive purple alien). Oh, and Wood will be pitching again and hopefully not sucking it up too badly. Prediction: 7-5 Cubs win

5/1 Prior vs. Oswalt

The other big one. Oswalt is a pitching menace but Prior is Prior. We like Prior. Oswalt is coming in with a 3.25 era, but he has been much better than that since opening day when he gave up 6 runs in 6 innings. This game is just going to be a matter of who can scratch across a run. Prediction: 2-0 Cubs. Cubs sweep and are propelled on to a 17-3 run pulling themselves into a tie with St. Louis. At that point St. Louis pitching starts to break down at the same time that Wood, Maddux, and Zambrano pull it all together. The Cubs cruise to a division title with the best record in the NL and, although they struggle in the first two playoff series, still make it to the World Series and sweep. Ladies and Gentlemen, your World Champion Chicago Cubs.

You crazy.

In my heart of hearts, I'm also predicting a sweep.
But it's not the same sweep you're predicting.
history will vindicate me
Intersting predictions.

I'd say that with Prior slowly but surely returning to his 2003 form and with Wood going up against Backe, the only game in the series I think we might lose is tonights. But the Astros are just to much of a bad hitting team, excellent opportunity for the Cubs to gain some ground on the Cards this weekend.
Am I the only one that can see through these brief bright spots and gaze upon the true downward spiral that the Cubs are on? Cubs will flirt withi .500 all year and finish fourth.
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