Saturday, May 28, 2005


I wash my hat of this team

I've had the same Cubs' hat for four years, the only hat I wear. It's one of those dark blue ones with the words "Wrigley Field" written across it; my now wife gave it to me when she was my then girlfriend. Over the years, it has accumulated a lot of dusty, dirt, and oil from almost daily wear. Frankly, it had begun to look like a Craig Biggio model, which just isn't really a good look. The blue had turned to an odd yellowish-blue, but not green. It was what we call a "gamer."

I think the time had come, though, to wash the hat. It was just too gross. So the Wife poured some Woolite into the sink and went at the hat with a brush (before you think we have some sort of 1950's relationship, I was doing dishes at the time). If our neighbors heard gagging noises, that was her reaction to the color the water turned once my hat hit the water. I can't believe that just a day before that hat was on my head. Simply disgusting.

So now the hat is getting a new start. All the dust of past Cubs' failures has been cleansed from my presence and I will no longer be wearing memories of 2003, 2004, or this past month. So, with that, I declare a new start. We have no Prior or Wood. This is Zambrano's team, and he will have to carry them to victory. It is time for this Cubs team to rally.

Hey, maybe the hat was bad luck. Maybe now that I've washed it things will turn around. I guess you never know.

And four years from now, I'll probably wash it again. Hopefully I will be rinsing out happy memories...memories of a championship.

You can't beat a gamer. I've been working on one in just the past nine months or so . . . it's going to take years to get there, but it's a pretty good start.
Somehow this anecdote is very appropriate at the moment.
There's nothing quite like a baseball cap that has that "been there, done that" look and feel. I had the same Cubs cap for five season 2000-2004. It was a regular blue home cap with the adjustable plastic strap. I wore it until it was literally in shreads. Now I have one of those authentic New Era 3930 fitted batting practice caps. It cost 30 bucks, but it's just wonderful. I haven't worn it out in the barn or to work, so it's not as nasty as it could be. However I have refused to wash it for the 14 months I've had it because I'm terrified that it will come out of the washing machine shrunken and disfugured. It is the most comfortable cap I have ever owned and I don't want to destroy it. I'm going to check out the Reebok Flexfit cap because I really need a new Packers cap. I hope it's as good as the authentic 3930.
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