Thursday, May 26, 2005


Inept offense

Let me just say this...if the Cubs don't score against the 1-6, 7.05 ERA Jason Jennings today, I'm buying stock in all things "Fire Dusty." This offense is absolutely, unbelievably incompetent. And it makes me sad.


The Cubs have Carlos going on the mound for them today. The Rockies are 3-20 on the road. Todd Walker is back in the lineup. Everything is lined up in the Cubs' favor (and I mean everything). If they can't pull out this game, well, I don't know.

There is an interesting debate over at Goatriders as to whether one should be optimistic or pessimistic about this team. Famine (me) supplies evidence that the apocalypse really is upon us, so we should be happy, and Bob uses facts and reason to point out that the Cubs suck. My faith-based argument wins out by virtue of the fact that I incorporated Spam into the discussion.

Another interesting point that was unearthed over at Bleed Cubbie Blue is that the Cardinals have been getting fat on the dregs of the central divison. They are a combined 18-4 against Central divison opponents and 12-2 against the Reds, Pirates, and Astros. Only 11-12 against the other teams in the world. Anyway, those were the numbers when the post was made. Go over an check it out.

So, a little optimism and a little pessimism cancel out to make this a neutralistic post. Seems about right for a team hovering around .500.

Hey - I have an idea. Are you listening to the game?
Drink a shot every time the Cubs swing at the first pitch. Make it three when they pop-up on the first pitch.
Through 5 innings, Zambrano's thrown almost 90 pitches, Jennings 40-something.
What does THAT tell you?
That's funny. I was just thinking the same thing except, instead of drink, substitute "hang self"

Cubs are averaging ~10 pitchs per inning against a pitcher with more walks than strikeouts on the season. It is just not possible to be worse.
"It is just not possible to be worse."

My friend, PLEASE do not tempt fate like that.

And Fate? If you're listening, he was just kidding when he said that.
Really. You don't have to prove how it could be worse or anything.
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