Wednesday, May 11, 2005


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The Cubs had a tremendous game last night, winning by a score of 7-0 on the back of great pitching by Maddux and many homers from various Cubs (two from Corey!). So, given this, it seems only fitting that I ignore the Cubs and see what else is going on around the world.

Reid doesn't back down from calling Bush a loser

As noted on the Drudge Report, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was not particularily apologetic about calling Bush a frickin' loser (the "frickin'" part is mine). While he did not sound particularily contrite following his remark, he did call Karl Rove to apologize, at which point Rove grudgingly scratched Reid off his "To Kill" list.

Dell chairmen puts $99.5 Million in Red Hat

...a move I would have advised against. I keep all my money in a big building called a "bank." Ha ha, just kidding folks! You see, I was just making a pun about the fact that Red Hat, the biggest distributor of Linux, sounds like red hat, a hat that is red. It would be silly to put your money in a hat! It's just silly fun, guys!

Actually, it is a big deal that Dell, the largest manufacturer of computers, is investing in Linux, Microsoft's biggest competitor. Sort of a slap in the face to ol' Bill, if I do say so myself.

...and with that, Gates quietly adds Michael Dell to his "To Kill" list.

Blogger's conference emphasizes tools of reporting

CNN's sub-headline reads: Bloggers -- those Internet-based writers without rules -- are fighting back against criticism that their work is unreliable, libelous or just poorly done.

One blogger scoffed at the idea that blogs were a poor excuse for journalism, noting that response had been very positive to his recent post detailing how his neighbor was using his weed-whacker before 7 am which was clearly against the rules set down in his sub-division's bylaws.

According to the article, more than 8 million people write blogs. A recent survey indicates that only 7.5 million of those were either unreliable, libelous, or poorly done. I think today's entry here at the Corner of Grace and Wayne has hit all three of the above categories. In describing today's post, I would also throw in "trite" and "unoriginal." I pride myself in aligning myself with the majority, I just pity all you fools that read this post all the way through (fools!).
I would have attended the conference myself, but being held accountable for one's writting is hard, and I much prefer being libelous and unreliable. Blogging is much more fun than actual journalism.

That's all from here, folks. Sort of a weak effort from me today. What can I say, slow news day. Oh, I know, maybe a picture of a puppy in a lounge chair would help:

Oh, Jason.
You crazy.

Go Cubs!
oh, i love that doggie picture!
There is a wing of journalism called op-ed. That's what we are, op--ed writers. Nothing wrong with that. Who holds the New York Times accountable? They are as subjectively left-wing as they come. I see my blogging as an on line journal, a diary. I have a degree in journalism but I never once in my mind equated the two.
Blogging sort of falls into two categories. People that are keeping an online diary of their lives, and people that are making commentary on something (be it the news, entertainment, or what have you). Of course, the two overlap in many blogs and both are perfectly acceptable uses for blogging.

So I would say that many blogs are op-ed pieces written in journal format. But they can lean towards the libelous side of opinion at times, which is where the lack of accountability comes in. The other side of this is that often these personal op-eds call out traditional journalism when they are wrong (for example, on the whole steriod issue). This is what is best about blogging.

Other than pictures of kitties and puppies, of course.
So I'm confused... is the money in the Dog's Red Hat or another Red Hat?

It must be a very large hat to fit $99.5 million in... so maybe Mark Cuban's been juicing.


p.s. Thanks for the mention in the above post.
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