Monday, May 02, 2005


Only one word for the Neifi! for All-Star campaign


Neifi! has one month of good play under his belt. The All-Star game is in July. If somehow the Bleed Cubbie Blue and Cub Reporter write-in campaigns succeed, then the NL is going to be trotting a .250 hitting journeyman shortstop out there alongside Scott Rolen. I'm as happy as anyone that Neifi! has been so good (actually, it totally annoys me) but people are kidding themselves if they think it will continue. He is just not a very good player.

There. That entry should be enough to propel Neifi! to another month of .300+ baseball. I do what I can.

you mean alongside Aramis Ramirez right?
Good work!
I don't think the write in campaign will make him a starter, but it would be nice to create enough of a groundswell to make it a national news story.

Neifi!'s garnered 50 votes from my keyboard so far.
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