Friday, May 27, 2005


Prior leaves game after liner to the elbow

I saw the replay on TV and it looked tremendously bad. The line drive was absolutely scorched, but the clear indication that it can't be anything good was written all over Prior's body language as he writhed in pain. Also, seeing him walk off the field not moving his elbow was pretty much reminiscent of Chad Fox: don't move the arm because bad things have happened.

I know this is going to be on 30 other blogs using the same words but let me just say, what are the freakin' odds. A liner that just happens to smack him right in the elbow (technically just above the elbow, but still). Just the most incredible bad luck. I try and I try to not believe in the curse, but man I'm very nearly a believer.

Still awaiting word on the injury, which I will post here. Just a shame.

(update: 30 seconds later) Oh, ho ho. X-Rays negative. Moderate swelling and inflammation. Things may not be so bad.

(update: like, 5 hours later) MRI reveal hairline fracture in elbow. This may heal in a month, but that is the minimum. Then rehab will have to follow that. Sweet.

If you think it's good news, you didn't watch Baseball Tonight.
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