Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So many good things

...and all in spite of Dusty.

I mean, seriously. He let Burnitz run? In the 9th? With nobody out? What sort of piss-poor decision making is that? I mean, if it was Corey, it would be a highly debatable decision. As it was, it was a terrible decision. What makes it worse was that the pitcher had already thrown to first twice, making it clear that he thought Burnitz might run. Otherwise, why throw to first more than once when the runner is not a likely threat to steal. Somehow the Pirates read the signs and Dusty should have picked up on that. To add insult to injury, Barrett followed that up with a would-be-RBI double.

But hey, who cares? We won. No matter how much Dempster wanted to lose, he didn't manage to, and the Cubs won. And I am happy.

More good things? Have you heard the expression "marrying up." And do you know what the very definition of "marrying up" is? To put it quite simply, it is having your wife's cousin e-mail you offering bleacher tickets to Saturday's Cubs-White Sox game. That's what we mean when we say "he's good people." If any reader out there is going to be in the bleachers for that game, drop me a line and wear your "Fire Dusty" organic cotton Tee.

Other good news? Today is the first day of softball here at work. I finally get to ply my skills between the chalk lines (and hopefully not shame myself). But I think I should do fine, I mean, I blog about baseball all the time. That should translate nicely onto the field.

So, today has been a good day. Hopefully that will hold up through the softball game. I would hate for crushing humiliation to bring the day down.

What position do you play?
My stupid work doesn't have a stupid softball team. It's been years since I played. I'm quite sure I suck.
I'm quite certain that I suck. I "play" 3B but my best position is DH (or maybe DL). My defense was Aramis Ramirez circa 2003. My offense was vaguely Joe Randa. But rest assured that there will be a full recounting of the events.
I'm so jealous.
I "tried out" for a community team a couple of cities ago (Cincinnati), but couldn't make the practice schedule, so I essentially had one exhausting practice.
It was fun, though.
I played in a softball league one summer in South Bend. I remember we were terrible and we had beer on the bench and in the later innings when we were many, many runs behind guys were taking their beer with them out in the field. I played first. Got the good hands you to remember to put the beer down on a grounder though.
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