Wednesday, May 25, 2005


This post was supposed to be about Spam

...but I am experiencing some technical difficulties, so I will discuss the Cubs instead. My reasons for this are threefold: this is a Cubs blog, the Cubs won last night, and the won in dramatic fashion...against arguably the best closer in the game.

I managed to catch 3 or 4 of the innings that Mitre pitched today, and his stuff looked really sharp. His fastball had tremendous downward movement and when he kept the ball down, hitters just pounded it into the ground. I was very, very impressed since he was less than stellar last year. Granted, these are the Astros (oh, it feels so good to say that), but he still looked very sharp. And kudos to the bullpen for two excellent innings. After a bit of shakiness from Ohman, Wuertz came on and was brilliant, striking out the only two men he faced. Naturally, now that the Curse of the JoBo has ended, Dempster was lights out. Sometimes it hurts to always be right.


Except when I make predicitions. So far my prediction of a sweep is going exactly as I figured it would. I am so tremendously bad at making predictions, I figured predicting the Cubs getting swept would ensure a few Cub wins. So far, so good, although I imagine I just jinxed them by mentioning this, and now they will lose tonight. It's a lot of pressure having so much control over the universe.

At this point I would like to point out that I've just written the typical useless, rambling sort of entry that gives blogging a bad name. There is no hook to this, nothing amusing, and no insight that you couldn't find a hundred other places. For this, I apologize, and I will maybe try to write up something interesting later. Until then, I offer this up as a symbol of how sorry I really am.

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