Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Trade Rumors

I love trade rumors. I actually love trades, but the rumors leading up to the trades are quite nifty as well. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add with regards to the potential outfield+pitcher swap that many teams are rumored to be discussing with the team. Let me just say this: If Aubrey Huff is the answer to the question "who did the Cubs acquire?" I will be a happy puppy. If the answer to the question "how did the Cubs trade" is Corey Patterson, I will be making this face :(

My ideal? Assuming the rumor is Outfielder & reliever for outfielder, reliever, and 2 prospects, I would wish for:

Dubois, Wellemeyer, 2 grade B prospects for
Aubrey Huff and any random middle reliever

But that may be just a dream, I don't know. Actually, it probably is just a dream. For more trade talk, take a look at Goatriders where there is a bit more of an extended analysis (not that that would be difficult).

I'd trade Corey Patterson for a vendor and a parking attendent to be named later. Have you checked out how many stolen bases this "speedster" has? I guess you just can't turn a pop up on the infield into a stolen base.
My sentiments exactly over at goatriders. It doesn't help that most of the season after Patterson got on, the Neifi was right after him swinging at every pitch.
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