Wednesday, June 15, 2005


14-0 Cubs or...

I went to Wrigley Field and a football game broke out.

The game started so innocently. It was obvious from our vantage-point that Sergio was on. Very, very on. The Wife and I were sitting in section 429, which is right along the first base line and offers an excellent view of the game. I'm a big fan of the 400's; you get a birds-eye view of the game, but unlike the 500's, nothing seems particularily far away (no squinting). And the consessions and bathroons are right there, which is always key.

Beckett and Mitre were both cruising until the fourth when the Cubs broke through with a three spot. Ramirez's homer was a no-doubter, as were all the home runs hit last night. From the fourth inning on, the Cubs absolutely crushed the ball and Sergio continued to dazzle.

Beckett got one out in the sixth before he was forced to leave the game. The official report was that a blister formed on one of Beckett's pitching fingers, but I'm more of the opinion that the Cubs hurt his feelings by smacking him around so hard. Poor little fella.

It was an important win and it felt great to beat the Marlins so easily, but it felt really, really great to beat Beckett. Granted, it doesn't make up for 2003 (la la la, I can't hear you), but it's a start. Also, this game went a long way towards making me personally feel better. The Cubs had lost both of the games I attended this year and my career record is terrible. In fact, back in 2001 or 2002, I forget which, I attended a ton of home games in April. And they were all loses. The then-girlfriend now-Wife and I were actually instructed by a couple old ladies to not come back anymore. And they were quite serious. They were very annoyed that we kept coming to games even though we were obviously bad luck. Rough crowd.

So I finally have a solid win under my belt. Now I just need to get back to Wrigley quickly before my luck runs out.

There's a new Daily Site

Same as the old non-daily site. has introduced a "Daily Changey Thing" to its site, and so now there is daily content. What fun. So, for those of you that enjoy what you have been reading over there, check it out, you know, daily. Today there is an entry regarding the star-nosed mole, or some such thing. Take a look. And fyi, the links on the left have been re-arranged somewhat, so now there is a humor section.

Finally, if this entry was a little boring and humorless...don't worry, there is nothing wrong with me. I just shouldn't try and blog immediately after lunch. Apparentley this is what happens.

Today's the rubber match against the Marlins. A.J. Burnett vs. Maddux. This is another must win. Go Cubs!

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