Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Back home again (updated 12:15pm)

So maybe there is a problem with Wrigley. Or rather, maybe the players have gotten it into their heads that they can't win in Wrigley. Or maybe the Cubs got a little too much sweet California weather and the oppressive heat (trust me, I don't have air conditioning, it's oppressive) has wilted their spirits.

I do know that the heat is making everyone cranky. The Wife and I ride our bikes home from the downtown Metra station to our Wrigleyville home and it is a pretty great way to commute. Especially on gameday when the traffic is really, really bad. We just whip right past all the car-bound travelers inching forward. Having spent many days on I-290 moving at a slower-than-walking pace, it certainly feels good to have overcome the traffic. But anyway, the crankiness. Drivers were cutting each other off, honking, swearing...everything you expect from an 87 degree Chicago day. If you didn't pound the accelerator as soon as the light turned green, there was an earful awating you.

So maybe the Cubs are just cranky. I mean, if you had to go out into the hot Chicago air wearing a polyester suit, you might be cranky too. They might just not want to play baseball right now, and so they are trying to get the game over with as quickly as possible. And this would explain why Patterson feels the need to swing at every. first. pitch. But anyway...

Some News

Man Arrives at Border with Sword, Chainsaw

He's back. Ash is back! Just read the article, it is awesome. And be sure to check out the picture of the guy.

Okay, what I wanted to say regarding the article before I ran out of time:

This guy was carrying a homemade sword, hacket, knife, brass knuckles, and a chainsaw stained with blood. And crossed the boarder. But, don't worry, because they confiscated his weapons before the allowed the guy to make it onto US soil. If you haven't followed the link to check out what the guy looks like, please do so now. At least then you will know how stunning it is that he possibly crossed the boarder.

Turns out he most likely beheaded a guy in Canada. First of all, the order of events is supposed to be: behead friend, cross boarder into Canada. The fact that he screwed up something this simple should be the first warning flag. The blood-stained chainsaw should be the second clue.

In other news, Joe Aiello for A View from the Bleachers has a story up regarding his trip to the Diamond Jaxx. He should have some great reports on all the hot prospects. Check it out.

what is the deal with that guys photo on cnn? it looks like a wax replica or something. now i'm not sure if that photo is the murderer or the victim...
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