Thursday, June 23, 2005


Corey gets his way again

Apparently Kid Korey is getting another shot at leading off again. Fan-damn-tastic. The dynamic duo are at the top of the order again, and Derrek Lee just shakes his head and watches his chances for an RBI title slip away.

It is worth noting that Patterson took the first pitch. Now he just needs to realize that taking a pitch doesn't give him free license to swing at every other pitch.

Oh, and today The Wife had her train pass stolen on the Metra today. She feel asleep and I was busy writting and someone stole it right out from in front of us. Un-freaking-believable. Who steal a metra pass? Who steals a metra pass?!?

Communists, that's who. Damn, dirty Communists.

...stupid Commies.

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