Thursday, June 02, 2005


Cubs in 6 in a row

And I don't have any time to write about it. Figures. Suffice to say, I will say nothing bad about Neifi for at least another month, as he has taken his May slump and turned it right around. Also, it is June, so Derrek Lee should finally start to heat up. And right on cue, he had a 5-5 night last night, including a 3 run homer. I will now be expecting that from him every day (at least).

Tonight is another softball night, and I have high hopes that tomorrow's post will not involve the words "mercy" or "slaughter."

I have posted an article over at Goatriders. I am calling it an article because I had to actually do some "research" and "learn some things." For those that have any interest in some of the advanced pitching statistics out there (specifically DIPS, in this case), I have gone ahead and applied them to our good friend (and today's starting pitcher, coincidentally enough), Glendon Rusch. The goal of the article is to demonstrate that we shouldn't be shocked that Glendon has done so well for the Cubs after a less than stellar early career.

That's all for today. I promise to have content on this site again just as soon as I have a combination of time and something to say.

Go. Cubs.

See? It is hard to blog when a team is winning, and playing well.
It's funny, I just scanned Goatriders, and said to myself, "Huh. This seems like I'm going to have to apply myself, and possibly learn something . . "
So I closed it.
yeah...I expect that to be the general response. It is like you said once, the longer you work on an entry, the fewer the comments.
"Also, it is June, so Derrek Lee should finally start to heat up."

that cracked me up ...

and also: GO GO GLENDON!!!
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