Monday, June 20, 2005



how awesome was he? Nothing but strikes and his slider was absolutely, incontrovertibly unhitable.


Ties Tom Seaver with a huge win. Last week was a fluke as Maddux is back to his usual quality starting self.



That is all.

And how good was that double-play? A diving Neifi from the ground flips to Walker who's facing left field (which has to take some guts with a runner coming at you) and he still gets the throw to Lee in time. Damn.

Btw, I was gonna mention this a few days ago but I forgot. Did you notice during the Yankees series that the color of Barret's chest protector was exactly the shade of blue they use for those loathsome bluescreen ads behind home plate? So every time Barret stood up to throw the ball back there were gaping holes in his chest where some ridiculous Cialis ad was shining through. Kinda disconcerting.
smoog, i noticed that, but i also noticed that it worked on Yankee lefthanded batters too ...

jason, i hereby publicly admit that i was wrong in my skepticism of Dempster as closer ...
kjk -

I don't suppose you really have to confess to me. If I recall correctly, I was pretty skeptical about Dempster's chances for success. Unless I supported the decision, in which case, good for me!

But definitely good for the Cubs
not confessing to you personally, just yours was the first blog i read pointing out how well dempster was doing.
understood. carry on.
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