Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Late night (well, late for me anyway) blogging

So I get back to my car from a STUNNING Fermiball victory (tune in tomorrow for another scintillating recap) over the Lightning Rods (they vanquished us in our first game), turn on the radio, and hear the score become 8-2 on a Derrek Lee (god) double and I get pretty excited. The Cubs were on their way to clinching a series victory. I even went so far as to high five The Wife. Then, of course, Ramirez hit another double and the score changed to 8-3 and my heart dropped a bit. I hate premature high fiving.

So what the hell is up with Zambrano? One and two thirds innings and 8 runs allowed? That is not such a good start. Maybe the turf toe has taken something off of his pitches because he really got hit around something special. Not good, my friends, not good at all.

But there are some definite positives that I can see from my computer. It appears that Rich Hill is dominating the Brewers. So far I see 4 and a third scoreless, hitless innings in the book to go along with 6 strikeouts and only 2 walks. Maybe he really is Sandy Koufax redux. Or maybe he's just looking over his shoulder at the return of Mark Prior and fears another trip back to Iowa. Either way, this is the biggest positive in tonights game.

One final comment...

Good idea starting Hairston, although I probably would have kept Walker in and sat Patterson again. But Patterson hits lefties decently so not a bad option. (I think you all know where I am going with this) But what do I see? Patterson leading off and Hairston hitting 8th?!? What sort of moronic logic is that? Sure, Hairston has a .360 OBP, so let's hit him 8th and give your two worst hitters the most at bats. As I type, Mr Leadoff is batting right now with two men on. Let's see what Patterson can do.


mind you, Enrique Wilson just walked in front of him, does he swing at the first pitch?


I can already guess the answer, but I'm waiting for gamecast to confirm my suspicion

... out to right. And he did swing at the first pitch.

But anyway, good job by Hill. Borowski then came in and gave up a homer to Carlos Lee, Cub killer. I'm assuming that Borowski has already packed his bags, as much as it pains me to say it.

Alright, Cub fans, that's all for my mid-game recap. Enjoy the rest of the game.

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