Tuesday, June 07, 2005


A little research

...and by little, I really mean little.

Tom over at A Season with the Cubs suggested a study into the claims that Wrigley is somehow bad for the Cubs because of various reasons (wind, sun, fans...whatever). And Dusty noted that the Cubs would win once they got on the road. You know, because Wrigley is apparently a tough place to win for the Cubs. Well, on this count, I call bullshit. Granted, I just clicked through www.baseballreference.com (a wonderful site) looking at the Cubs' home/road split. It took about 5 minutes. What I found was, over the last 30 years, the Cubs had superior home records (as compared to road) in all by 3 seasons. And only one season, 1994, was the home record significantly worse than the home record. In general, the home record was far superior to the road record, as one would expect. In the last two years, the two records were almost identical.

So, if today's Cubs find it so hard to win, I have to ask why? Cub teams of old had no problems. And I find it hard to believe that the wind blows in more this year than any other year of the last 30. So, to the members of the Chicago Cubs that fear Wrigley I say: Shut up and play ball.

Thanks for doing the legwork, J.
I actually thought that the most likely reason for the Cubs to do less better at home than other teams (did you follow that?) might be the number of day games.
I'd expect the home record to be better than the road record, but I'm still a little curious as to if the Cubs' homefield advantage is less significant than other (winning) teams's'ss' homefield advantages. I'll look it up myself . . . eventually.
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