Tuesday, June 14, 2005


News and Notes

Just some thoughts while waiting for tonights game against the Marlins. I have nothing much to say regarding the Cubs. They have played two bad games, and so here's hoping they respond with a positive effort today. Go Cubs!

Fermiball update: I finally found out that the d0nuts, giants of the softball world, have won their first game. I don't show up and the team wins? I see no connection. This week's game has also been postponed due to lack of players, so there will be no fermiball on friday, either. I know all my fans out there will be sorely disappointed (you know who you are).

Earth's bigger cousin detected

Astronomers have located a planet orbiting a very small star that is only 7.5 times the size of earth (the planet, not the star). This means they only need to improve their detection methods by a factor of 7.5 to find an actual earth-like planet. It's worth noting that the planet is a bit toasty, checking in at 200 to 400 degrees celsius (or 473-673 degrees kelvin, if you prefer). To give you some perspective on how hot that really is, it's already being zoned for phase 3 of Del Boca Vista! (ba dum bum)



...I said, Del Boca Vista! Eh, what do you know from funny. Anyway, in other news...

Soap Operas coming to Cell Phones

(*more crickets*)

246,000 Razor scooters recalled

Also to be recalled: Bag O' Glass and Teddy Chainsaw Bear.

Wood give me a woody! Ha! Get it?

He really does. . .
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