Thursday, June 16, 2005


News and Notes

Virus-laden poo edition (and if ever there was an edition that's going to be a collector's item, this is it)

as promised...

Mount McKinley Climbers threatened by 'virus-laden poo'

I don't think there is very much to say about this. We've all been there before, am I right?

However, I think we know what the subject of Michael Crichton's next book is going to be.

Review: Audi A3. Looks good, but what is it?

Okay, really, how does one become a reviewer for CNN? Do you have to know anything? Anything at all?

Audi is a car manufacturer. Odds are good you're not looking at a toaster oven.

and from the "Excessive Greed Rules" file...

Lottery Millionaire wants to be Billionaire

Actually, I take it back. While it sounds bad on the surface, I think this is a good approach to take. You got wildly lucky, so try and make the best of it. What really drives me nuts is when people win a huge lottery and can't come up with anything better to do with their money besides buy a bigger trailer. Get some imagination, people.

Scientists plan owl 'removal' experiment

Phase 1. Remove Owls
Phase 2. ...
Phase 3. Profit!

Seriously, people have been trying to remove owls for centuries now. Almost had that stupid spotted one until the damn hippies stepped in.

...damn hippies. And finally...

Kansas legal battles threaten to keep schools closed

Why do I have no sympathy? None at all? Because the first sentence reads "Still smarting from a fight over evolution..."

If the school wants to treat evolution as anything other than fact, then that school doesn't deserve to be open. They are actively holding those kids back from the rest of society. And what's more, if they want to put stickers about how evolution is just a "theory" it should read:

Evolution is just a theory
Relativity is just a theory
Gravity is just a theory
Which do you want to test first?


-credit to Rocky Kolb for the "gravity as theory" part

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